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History of Calvary Baptist Church

Founder Reverend Polite

On Sunday, Feburary 20,1938 Reverend Polite established Mount Calvary Baptist Church preaching its first sermon at 616 Clinton Street, Buffalo, New York 14210. Reverend Polite pastored the church until June 20, 1938 when he was called to pastor a church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“Have Faith” Hebrew 11:1

On Sunday, September 18, 1938, Reverend Peter W. Trammell was installed as the Under Shepard of Mount Calvary Baptist Church’s congregation. Under the divinely inspired leadership of Pastor Trammell the church grew rapidly as well as many ministries (still in existence today) were formed. Some which are; Deacon Ministry, Trustee Ministry, Sunday School, Ushers Ministry, Choir Ministry, Missionary Ministry, Nurses Ministry, and Christian Education Ministry.

On August 29, 1940, the church was incorporated but due to a typographical error “Mount” was omitted and the church officially became known as “Calvary Baptist Church, Inc.”. The first mortgage burning ceremony took place on November 7, 1943. In February, 1947 another giant step for the church was taken by purchasing the vacant lot at 539 Williams Street, Buffalo, New York 14206. Construction on the new sanctuary was completed September 23, 1951. The church’s physical footprint expanded in 1952, 1958, and 1960 as the congregation grew.

After 24 years of faithful and dedicated leadership, Reverend Peter W. Trammell passed away to glory on July 24, 1962.

539 Williams Street still doing GOD’s work!

“Going Up Together Acts 3:1 … The Little Church with the Big Heart”

On Sunday, September 22, 1963, Reverend L.T. Boyce of Memphis, Tennessee was installed as the Under Shepard of Calvary Baptist Church’s congregation. Under Pastor Boyce’s administration, the church’s membership grew tremendously. Pastor Boyce always displayed courage and a steadfast faith in God.

Under his leadership, Calvary reactivated their role in the Great Lakes Baptist Association, the Empire State Missionary Convention, and the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. For many years Reverend Boyce shared his teachings with the community via the radio, and the weekly Sunday School Review. He was a great leader who purchased a new piano, purchased of Church property at 1184 Genesee Street, Buffalo, New York 14211, the parsonage, established a long range building fund program, formation of Discipleship classes and development of Youth Encampment weekend; a celebration of youth, held the 2nd weekend of June each year.

After 27 years of untiring, dedicated service, on July 13, 1991, God called Reverend L. T. Boyce home, thus ending another chapter in the life of Calvary Baptist Church.

1184 Genesee Street

“Turning the World Upside Down” Acts 17:6

On Monday, October 26, 1992, Reverend Troy A. Bronner of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania fresh out of seminary, was Called to Calvary. On Sunday, December 6, 1992 Reverened Bronner was installed as the Under Shepard of Calvary Baptist Church’s congregation. Under Pastor Bronner’s very capable leadership, 16 new ministries were added, as well as an additional Sunday Service and a daily prayer service.

The church also continued to support an active Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts programs, after School Tutorial, Adult Education, Effective Parenting Classes, along with a formal discipleship training program. A significant increase in membership led to an eight o’clock morning service along with the regular eleven o’clock service. The Elim Ministry of Prayer and Praise was established and met daily in the morning from 6:00 to 7:30 AM an in the evening from 6:00 to 7:30 PM where people of all races, ages, and denominational affiliations, from all over the city gathered to seek GOD’s face for revival.

On October 24, 1999, Reverend Troy A. Bronner was called to establish the Elim Christian Fellowship, closing another chapter in the life of Calvary Baptist Church.

1184 Genesee Street Sanctuary

“Going Back to the Old Landmark”

On Sunday, August 12, 2001, Reverend David A. Keaton of Roanoke, Virginia was installed as the Under Shepard of Calvary Baptist Church’s congregation. Pastor Keaton reorganized Bible Study as the Bible Institute held on Tuesday evenings. Under his administration, Sunday morning worship service was broadcast live on radio station WUFO, televised on Time Warner cable, channel 20, streamed over the internet, and developed a website.

Pastor Keaton developed a functional Directors’ Council, an annual Leadership Institution, annual Family Weekend Celebration, a Book Club for young adults, and Teen Discipleship. Pastor Keaton also merged two scholarship programs to form the Norman Fuller / L. T. Boyce Scholarship Ministry.

In 2009, Reverend Keaton resigned as Pastor and formed Redeeming Fire Fellowship Church, thus closing another chapter in the life of Calvary Baptist Church.

1184 Genesee Street

“It’s Always Good to Go to Calvary

On Sunday, November 7, 2010, Reverend Quinton Chad Foster of Houston, Texas was installed as the Under Shepard of Calvary Baptist Church’s congregation. Pastor Foster renamed the Sunday School Ministry to Otis Hayes Sunday Church Institute. Under his administration, the Calvary Angelic Ensemble was reorganized, along with hosting a Praise and Worship Workshop, holding the Lord’s Last Supper Service every first Sunday where our congregation fellowship with other churches in the community. Pastor Foster reestablished Men’s Day and Women’s Day programs as well as combined Easter and Christmas programs with Sunday morning worship service. Pastor Foster was instrumental in replacing and upgrading the Church sign as well as purchasing a new Church Bus.

Pastor Foster was committed to teaching and to the expository preaching the Word of God on Sundays and through the noon and evening Bible Study classes. In addition to, strengthening the church’s community connection through the Missionary’s Food Pantry and other related services. Pastor Foster initiated other community activities and events, like Calvary Community Outreach Day, Youth Encampment Weekend, and meal distribution during holidays.

In March, 2017, God called Reverend Foster to Brooklyn, New York, thus ending another chapter in the life of Calvary Baptist Church.

1184 Genesee Street

Our Church Leaders


Deacon Duane Richardson
Chairman, Deacon Ministry

Deacon Sam Andrews
Deacon Connell Boswell
Deacon Frederick Harris
Deacon Walter Henigan
Deacon Isaac K. Johnson
Deacon William Kelly
Deacon Melvin Lee
Deacon Timothy Lee
Deacon Alvin Logan
Deacon Chandler Lowery
Deacon David Murphy
Deacon Timothy Reed, Sr.
Deacon Frazer Smith
Deacon John Wilson


Trustee Waltering Stribling
Chairperson, Trustee Ministry

Trustee Janelle A. Brooks
Trustee Letizia Conrad
Trustee Myrna Eldridge
Trustee Emma Garrett
Trustee Tanny Hollaway
Trustee Debra Jackson
Trustee Edward Lindsey
Trustee Baby Ruth McClendon
Trustee Adeline Mitchell
Trustee Waidene Murphy
Trustee Elmus Norward
Trustee Frazer Smith