About Us

Calvary Baptist Church (originally called Mt. Calvary Baptist Church) was founded on February 20, 1938 by Revered Polite. In September, 1938, the congregation installed Rev. Peter W. Trammell. Under his leadership many ministries were formed , including some which are still in existence today; Deacon Ministry, Trustee Ministry, Sunday School, Ushers Ministry, Choir Ministry, Missionary Ministry, Nurses Ministry, and Christian Education Ministry. In 1940, the church was incorporated as the Calvary Baptist Church and the first mortgage burning took place in November, 1943. After 24 years of faithful leadership, Rev. Trammell passed away in July, 1962.

In September, 1963 Rev. L.T. Boyce was installed as the Under Shepherd of Calvary. Under his leadership, Calvary reactivated their role in the Great Lakes Baptist Association, the Empire State Missionary Convention, and the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Rev. Boyce shared his teachings with the community via a radio program. He was a great leader who established a long range building fund program as well as discipleship classes and Youth Encampment weekend; a celebration of youth, held the 2nd weekend of June each year. He served for 27 years until his death in July, 1991.

In October, 1992, Rev Troy A. Bronner was installed as the Under Shepherd of Calvary Baptist Church. Under his very capable leadership, 16 new ministries were added, as well as an additional Sunday Service and a daily prayer service; The Elim Ministry of Prayer and Praise. In October, 1999, he was called to establish the Elim Christian Fellowship.

In August, 2001, Rev. David A. Keaton was installed as the Under Shepherd of Calvary Baptist Church. Under his leadership, Sunday morning worship was broadcast live on WUFO and televised on Time Warner cable, channel 20. He developed a Directors’ Council and annual Leadership Institution. He resigned in 2009 and formed Redeeming Fire Fellowship Church.

In November, 2010, Rev. Quinton Chad Foster was installed and is the current Under Shepherd of Calvary Baptist Church. Pastor Foster is committed to communicating the Word of God through teaching and expository preaching. He aims for Calvary to stay connected to the community through the work of the food pantry, Lord’s Supper Services with community churches and their congregations, as well as through other activities and events, like Calvary Community Outreach Day, Youth Encampment Weekend, and meal distribution during holidays.

Our Church Leaders


Deacon Duane Richardson
Chairman, Deacon Ministry

Deacon Sam Andrews
Deacon Connell Boswell
Deacon Frederick Harris
Deacon Walter Henigan
Deacon Isaac K. Johnson
Deacon William Kelly
Deacon Melvin Lee
Deacon Timothy Lee
Deacon Alvin Logan
Deacon Chandler Lowery
Deacon David Murphy
Deacon Timothy Reed, Sr.
Deacon Frazer Smith


Trustee Waltering Stribling
Chairperson, Trustee Ministry

Trustee Janelle A. Brooks
Trustee Letizia Conrad
Trustee Myrna Eldridge
Trustee Emma Garrett
Trustee Tanny Hollaway
Trustee Debra Jackson
Trustee Edward Lindsey
Trustee Baby Ruth McClendon
Trustee Adeline Mitchell
Trustee Waidene Murphy
Trustee Elmus Norward
Trustee Frazer Smith